360 Boulevard, Kota Kinabalu

360° Boulevard is a mixed development near the city centre of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The well-integrated mix in this self-contained development considers the growing demand for more affluent lifestyle and residential accommodation offerings, especially amongst the burgeoning middle class. 
The key design element of the shopping mall integrates connectivity and environmental sustainability. Two distinctive, symmetrical wings define the middle entrance to the shopping mall. Both wings are designed around an open-courtyard garden with retail units arranged to allow for natural cross-air ventilation throughout. As such, shoppers enjoy a comfortable walk towards the middle of the mall where the cinema and event space is located.
The office towers that face Jalan Bundusan provide occupants with a lively working environment surrounded by vibrant streetscapes. The commercial suites that face away from the main road enjoy a more private, tranquil setting featuring a landscaped deck with a swimming pool, gymnasium, and sky garden. The distinctive sky garden, on every fourth floor, complements and softens the commercial suites’ façade with a dash of natural elegance.
The office towers’ and mall entrance's façades are treated with full-glazed windows and bold, lightweight concrete horizontal fins. In contrast, the two retail and boutique hotel wings' façades are cladded with fairface brick, metal-louvered screens, and feature modular windows in each room of the hotel.